Thursday, 15 October 2015

Here we go again!

Welcome to my new blog, it's simply dedicated to my journey into WW2 wargames and related topics. I will feature both Flames of War (15mm scale) and Bolt Action (28mm). I also intend to explore local sites of interest relating to the war and specifically the build up to D Day itself, living as I do on the South Kent Coast, where there is a considerable number of sites of interest to the military historian.

Flames of war.
Currently I have both German and Allied forces in 15mm for FoW, around 2.000 points per side for the late war Normandy campaign and I'm just about done with terrain etc so that I can begin to play some games. I do intend to expand FoW into the Eastern front in due course too.

Some random shots of my Flames of War collection so far, all painted by myself over the past few months.

Bolt Action.
Quite simply I was seduced by the activation system in this game, each unit gets it's own order dice and then moves are decided by pulling a dice from a bag! They clearly produce a game that is both tense and a lot of fun, as initiative can swing from side to side. So I ordered a 'D Day Firefight' set to get me started. First impressions were good, lots in the box, full colour  rule set, half track, building and lots of troop sprues. I put together 12 German infantry, not too bad, bit fiddly, but then I tackled the first US sprue and that's where I found some issues. I must say that having assembled and painted many of the Perry sprues in the past this is the first time that I have actually been defeated by one!  It annoyed me so much that I actually put everything back in the box and got on with some more FoW painting. Just way too many single arms, belts, different weapons etc for my taste, and I did not think that they went together particularly well, for example too many hands not gripping weapons correctly or at all. I wish they had at least produced sets of arms holding different weapons. I'm not going to give up on Bolt Action rules, BUT I might well change down to 20mm scale using metal figures and AFV's etc. Meantime I have a fair bit of 28mm Warlord stuff here including metal MG teams, StuG, more plastic buildings etc, so the decision won't be taken lightly, and if I feel in the mood I may even have one last shot at the plastic American infantry.

Box art, Warlord games.